NC Bans Same Sex Marriage

Today we learn that North Carolina has banned same sex marriage. While I can sort of understand their position (understand, not agree with) I can’t help but notice that they went a little too far. The way it is worded it will affect many more than just who it is supposed to target. Of course they once also banned marriage between different races . . .
Marriage should be a heart felt and solemn promise between two people. But in reality it has become a government sanctioned contract which offers concessions to the participants. It no longer is a monopoly of the “church” and in fact for many it has nothing to do with religion at all! Sad to say a wedding is one of the few times many people ever find themselves in a church!
Understand that I am a Christian and a confirmed heterosexual but I’m intelligent enough to not look at the world in black and white. Reality is bathed in infinite shades of grey.
Two (or more) RESPONSIBLE adults should be free to choose who they want in their lives, to live with, help them make decisions or to make decisions for them when they are no longer able; to be their beneficiary, or their life partner.
The early Christian church taught followers to love one another. Sex is not Love, even though true love does lead to sharing yourself completely with your partner.
People are people and sex has nothing to do with religion. If you prefer opposite sex partners or the same, or even inanimate objects; on the top, on the bottom, or standing up; in the bedroom, on the kitchen table, in an elevator or in the middle of the golf course; these are your choices! It’s private! These preferences should not be my concern or any of my business! Don’t shove it down my throat and I won’t shove my preferences down yours! Gay Pride parades make as much sense to me as Latex Pride, Buggery Pride, or even Beastiality Pride! But ANY government telling anyone who they can love, well that’s just silly!