Tech Support . . .

Having done tech support I understand the need for a script, but sometimes its just ridiculous! This is a paraphrase of a conversation I JUST HAD!

Thank you for calling Ultimate tech support
My name is Dreah How may I assist you?

Hello Dreah, My name is David Farris.
How are you today?

Ok sir, I understand that you are asking how I am today, is that correct?

Uh, yeah

Ok sir, May I please get your email address?


ok sir I am pulling up your account. Can you please verify the name on the account?

David Farris

Thank you very much for that sir.
Now your question was how am I doing today, is that correct?

yeah but …

I am doing very well, thank you. Is there anything else I can do for you today?

That’s not what I called for . . .

Ok sir, would you mind taking a short survey at the end of our call? . . .