Same Sex Marriage

The way I look at it, what is currently being fought over is not being told who you are allowed to love, but whether or not the government is going to give you a tax break. Whether the insurance companies are going to play fairly with all of YOUR money that YOU have been paying. Whether the medical profession is going to allow you to have your loved ones with you when you need them.
Marriage in this country stopped being about religion a long time ago. It is the government that regulates “marriage” with licenses, common property laws, tax breaks, fines, and court costs. Let’s not forget the big industry that divorce has become.
I am blessed with a very large family – some that are related by blood, some that I chose to include in my “extended” family – many of who do not share my beliefs. I ask each and every one of you to truthfully consider this: if you were in a car accident, would you want your best friend to not be allowed to visit you? Take sexual preferences out of the equation. How many of you have a best friend – of the same sex or opposite – that you consider to be the closest person to you?
Marriage is of the state – Love is of the heart. I’m a heterosexual Christian and I am for equal rights from the states (not to be mistaken for special privileges for ANY).