Illegal is Illegal

Getting a little tired of this. Are people really that stupid or are they hoping the rest of us are?
Every time someone is against ILLEGAL immigration somebody else tries to confuse the issue by either ignoring the “illegal” part, or by bringing up the so called “natives”.
This is now a sovereign nation with specific borders and laws (even though they aren’t enforced). If you violate the borders covertly of a nation – especially in a time of war – the penalty is death, not free handouts at the expense of the law abiding populous.
As for the history of Europeans settling this country (I refute the term “white man” – they weren’t all white), yes the English AND Spanish were on an expansion drive and thought they owned the world (the pope even told them so!) and they acted accordingly.
The tribes that were here before the European influx never claimed to own the land – in fact they thought the whole idea of “owning” land was ridiculous! If anything they figured that the ownership went the other way!
Yes, atrocities were committed in the past – BY EVERYONE!
So please just stop trying to insult my intelligence, or show how uninformed you really are. Being stupid is just not as attractive as you may think.
And FYI, I am as proud of my Iroquois heritage as I am of my Scottish and Swedish ones.
As for the term “Native American”; the European side of my family has been here for over 400 years (this time). How “native” do you want me to be?