Supreme Court Pushes Same Sex Marriage

Most of you who truly know me understand that I really don’t care who you love or what goes on in your bedroom. Folks is just Folks.
I have even gone so far as to post a rather lengthy rant about the inequalities of the marriage laws that abound in the different towns and states.
I have seen all day long how many people are rejoicing about the Supreme Court once again overstepping their boundaries and forcing same sex marriage to be accepted by a large group that are opposed to it.
My view is simple: Everyone should have the right to be who they are and be with who they want to be with. Marriage long ago became more about legal benefits and less about religion. Therefore, as I have stated on numerous occasions, EVERYONE should be entitled to the SAME benefits.
But I say this: No branch of the government has ANY RIGHT to force anyone to accept another’s point of view.
Rejoice now because THIS decision gives you what you want; but be wary of the power you are giving them.

Some of you will read this and only see it as an attack. If that is the limit of your intelligence, well, it’s not my fault that you are basically stupid and full of hate.

Love to you all!