If you’re cold put some clothes on

The cold weather is upon us and it’s about time for women to tell their men, “if you’re cold put some clothes on!”

Ladies you need to understand a few things:
– Unlike you, home is the one place were we can lounge around in our underwear (or less) without the disapproving stares of society. Admittedly, a small portion of society may frown upon scantily clad women, but most of them obviously have mental disorders and we are just humoring them until the guys with the straight jackets arrive.

– When we are in the confines of our homes, we can shut out the rest of the world and just be comfortable, not be bundled up in layer upon layer of restrictive clothing. Kinda like when many of you take your bra off as you walk through the door.

– And perhaps most importantly, no man wants to be told by his significant other, especially when they are alone, to put clothes ON.

I hope this helps to clarifications things. And now back to your regularly scheduled broadca . . . er . . . Facebook browsing.