Just a Hater

Something to think about: Are most liberals really stupid or are they just counting on everyone else being so?
When the objection is about ILLEGAL immigration the argument is “you hate immigrants”.
When the objection is about voter fraud the argument is “you hate black people” (but to be honest that seems to be the go-to argument for most things they have no legitimate response to).
Now the objection is about heterosexual perverts and rapists using this new “gender fluid bathroom” policy (which allows people to use whatever they want depending on how they “identify” that day) to spy on and/or rape your mother/sister/daughter/spouse, and their argument is “you hate the LGBT community”.
When you have no valid argument the strategy is to LIE about the issue and try to shame the other person because of a division that YOU have created? (When you are caught speeding in your car do you blame the train conductor for eating cheese? Yes I know that makes no sense. That’s my point!)
Can someone please tell me why a group who is supposed to be so tolerant keeps wanting to draw dividing lines? I thought people were people and all should be treated fairly and equally?
But I guess I’m just a hater.