You’re not hurt . . .

I have heard a lot recently about how people are hurting over the recent election, and that I should be more compassionate regarding their pain . . .
Well I happen to know a lot about “Hurt”. Here are a few examples:
– Hurting is standing in a graveyard on your birthday as your best friend is lowered in the ground.
– Hurting is finally realizing that when others say, “I love you” it doesn’t mean the same as when you say it.
– Hurting is being too late to say good-bye to someone who was like a parent to you.
– Hurting is having your child torn away from you through no fault of your own, other than for trusting the wrong people.
– Hurting is seeing a loved one in an abusive relationship and you can’t get them out.
– Hurting is watching your father die and knowing that you can never get back those years that you both wasted on stubbornness.
– Hurting is watching your child struggling with an addiction and knowing that you cannot help them.
– Hurting is having a child vilify you because of what others have said about you, while ignoring their own memories.
– Hurting is feeling everyday that you have failed your children.
– Hurting is not being able to do anything as you watch cancer claim yet another victim.