I Hate Christmas (2016 Edition)

Ok. One last time.
I Hate Christmas.
I do not dislike it. I do not find it annoying. I HATE IT!
All of the obligatory gift giving forced into one day. All of the fake cheerfulness, and good will wishes. While the rest of the year you couldn’t care less about one another and act like a complete asshole towards your fellow man.
And if I hear one more time “Jesus is the reason for the season” . . . Hey idiot! The season is WINTER! A cold, bleak, dreary time of year most commonly associated with DEATH! I don’t know about you but that is a mighty poor representation of MY God!
It was yet ANOTHER pagan holiday usurped by Catholicism in order to “convert the masses” (i.e. gain power) peacefully.
And while we’re at it, all these nativity scenes. First off, stop putting it in a winter setting. According to Luke 2:8 “And there were in the same country shepherds abiding in the field . . .” With blizzard conditions?!?!? You’ve got the wrong time of year!
Secondly, the three wise men . . . They didn’t come along until Jesus was about 3 years old! I’m pretty sure they had moved out of the manger by then!
Third: it was a CAVE, not a barn!
Fourth: At that time in history a carpenter was a much sought after trade. They were the rich people of the day. Quit portraying Joseph, Mary, et. al. as poor. Not to mention the expensive gifts the magi brought!
But I’m seriously off topic. Back to it:
If you want to get someone something, do it. You don’t need a special day. If you want to treat others the way that you want to be treated, just do it! (Conversely if you want to be a total dick, feel free to be that too.). Just stop being so fake because of a random day!
And while you ARE being false because of “something magical in the air” just leave me out of it, okay?
Bah Humbug!