Customer “Service”

So I guess customer service is a foreign concept around here.

Went to KFC and was greeted by one of the most sour attitudes I’ve dealt with in a while. No smile, no pleasant greeting, just a look of irritation before I even stepped to the counter.

After placing my order I picked up my cup and headed to the fountain – where I was immediately sprayed by every selection I tried. Of course there were no napkins.

I took my cup to the counter and let the girl know there was an issue. She sneered and said that they had already broken down the machine . . . because they were closing in a half hour . . .

Remember, she was the one that gave me the cup.

I just looked at her and she then told me (attitude at 9) that people don’t normally come inside that time of night.

Finally I’m given my order (famous bowl – no corn). I was tipped off by another customer that there was corn in it. So I asked the person who was giving me the food, “no corn?” He said, “there’s sweet corn in it”. He of course misread the order – and ignored what both I and the cashier told him.

Meanwhile, the girl who was supposed to be working the counter was in a little cluster with 3 others ignoring everything else.

After a few more minutes the cook came to tell me that they were out of the chicken that goes in the bowl . . . So I said to just give me a refund. I then asked for a manager. Then I asked loudly for a manager (I was being ignored). Then I yelled for a manager . . . who came up front and gave me my money back.

And yes, I called corporate as I was pulling out of the parking lot.

There is a lot more about this encounter but I’m at work and doing this on my phone.

I left and went to Subway – obviously not one of the local ones though. The reason for that is a story for another time.

If you have a scheduled time to close, that means that your doors are open and you are ready for customers until that time! Prep for close where you can but don’t break everything down! And stop acting offended when you get a customer!

It’s time to hold these people accountable! Learn to stop accepting crappy service! I can’t do this alone. If you don’t step up this will never get better.

Food Courts

Can someone explain to me the purpose behind a “food court”?
While shopping you used to be able to stop between stores and grab a quick bite/drink and then continue on with your shopping.
Now you need to finish your shopping, or bypass stores that you would have otherwise browsed through, to go to one secluded section of the mall and then struggle through too many selections of what to order. You get so frustrated that your shopping trip is “done”.
From a retail point of view this seems rather stupid. Most retailers understand the importance of “impulse buys” – the little displays that you find as you are headed towards the checkout. In a mall entire stores become those “impulse displays” but as you are racing to get to the food court you ignore them completely!
And then they wonder why malls are failing. . .

Inauguration Day

What does today mean to me? I work nights so I just got home. But as I get ready to go to sleep I can now rest soundly without the fear of a knock on my door – a knock that would come to arrest me for merely owning firearms, for believing in the Constitution, for believing and trusting in a living God. For knowing TRUE history. For daring to speak out against the corruption that plagues our government.
Do I think that a Trump presidency is the end of all of the evils in this world? Of course not! But over the past 10+ years I have watched as this country has slowly rotted from within. I DO believe however that this is the first step of many in saving this Country. To slow this Nation from sliding into that long dark night.
I am hoping that this will mark a major slow down of the PC culture that vilifies those who would actually speak out. I hope that this generation will, in time, see that just because you whine long enough and loud enough does not mean that everyone will bow to your will. That tolerance does not mean that I always have to agree with you.
Respecting your right to have a different point of view does not mean that I have to respect your point of view!
And in return I ask that you give me the same respect – to have a different opinion than you. Understand though that my opinion is based on 50+ years of real world experience backed by much studying and an increasing thirst for the truth behind accepted history. And I have a tendency to trust my experiences more than your theories. (I have been known to be a bit stubborn.)
I have a lot more to say but I’m tired and starting to ramble. So for now my friends I am going to stop and get some sleep.
Deo Vindice!