Alternative Adoption

I think I have a great alternative to those who want open borders and think that the US should just allow anyone in. Change it to an adoption plan!
Open up YOUR home, YOUR groceries, YOU pay for them. This includes housing, medical, insurance, clothing, etc.
And in return you will be presented with an individual AT RANDOM that YOU will be responsible for. Sorry, we cannot guarantee that you will be able to understand their language or their customs or that they will even respect you, your family, your way of life.
Oh! And YOU will also be held accountable for any “mischief” that they get into.

As a bonus you will get to claim them as a “dependent” on your taxes. But no other tax breaks because, you know, we have to pay for “the Arts” and stuff . . .

So forget about your locked doors, your gated neighborhoods, or any other vestige of your “private” life. You want ’em? YOU take them!

So put up or shut up. You get to make choices ONLY for yourself.