Just a Hater

Something to think about: Are most liberals really stupid or are they just counting on everyone else being so?
When the objection is about ILLEGAL immigration the argument is “you hate immigrants”.
When the objection is about voter fraud the argument is “you hate black people” (but to be honest that seems to be the go-to argument for most things they have no legitimate response to).
Now the objection is about heterosexual perverts and rapists using this new “gender fluid bathroom” policy (which allows people to use whatever they want depending on how they “identify” that day) to spy on and/or rape your mother/sister/daughter/spouse, and their argument is “you hate the LGBT community”.
When you have no valid argument the strategy is to LIE about the issue and try to shame the other person because of a division that YOU have created? (When you are caught speeding in your car do you blame the train conductor for eating cheese? Yes I know that makes no sense. That’s my point!)
Can someone please tell me why a group who is supposed to be so tolerant keeps wanting to draw dividing lines? I thought people were people and all should be treated fairly and equally?
But I guess I’m just a hater.

I Love My Brother and I’m Not Ashamed

This time there’s no funny meme, no cute picture; just me.

They say that you can’t pick your family, so I must’ve just gotten lucky. In particular I am referring to my brother Allen. No matter what was going on as we were growing up, no matter who else was involved, we were always together.

As I have gotten older I see more clearly some of the sacrifices he made for me while we were growing up. Through it all he has always been there when I needed him. I can’t imagine a day without him.

As for me, there were times I was jealous, at times resentful; but in my defense I was a spoiled, self-centered brat. He loves me anyway and I hope he knows how much I love him too.

That’s about all I want to say for now. There are some of you who may think I’ve shared too much – well, this is my page and you didn’t have to read it! I love my brother and I’m not ashamed of that fact! Deal with it.

It’s not going to work . . .

I’m from a generation that remembers and KNOWS that socialism and communism are wrong. But today’s generations, having never experienced either, think that they are GREAT concepts!

I guess next they are going to want to bring back polio, diphtheria, and small pox – as long as it’s presented as a means to strengthen the health of the population. Just don’t admit that it will kill off MOST of the people. Just focus that the SURVIVORS will be healthier.

Actually those would be preferred to communism/socialism.


Cherish Each Day

Ok. I know I’m a pack rat. Especially when it pertains to digital media. I just went through 6 years worth of photos on my phone. Luckily I don’t take as many pictures as most people!

Family, Friends, and Loved Ones. Good times and bad. Lots of memories there.

Some friendships have faded. Some friends have moved away. And sadly many of the closest ones to me have passed on.

There’s really no point to this post other than to stress to all of you to cherish each day and the ones you are with. You really aren’t guaranteed tomorrow.

If you’re cold put some clothes on

The cold weather is upon us and it’s about time for women to tell their men, “if you’re cold put some clothes on!”

Ladies you need to understand a few things:
– Unlike you, home is the one place were we can lounge around in our underwear (or less) without the disapproving stares of society. Admittedly, a small portion of society may frown upon scantily clad women, but most of them obviously have mental disorders and we are just humoring them until the guys with the straight jackets arrive.

– When we are in the confines of our homes, we can shut out the rest of the world and just be comfortable, not be bundled up in layer upon layer of restrictive clothing. Kinda like when many of you take your bra off as you walk through the door.

– And perhaps most importantly, no man wants to be told by his significant other, especially when they are alone, to put clothes ON.

I hope this helps to clarifications things. And now back to your regularly scheduled broadca . . . er . . . Facebook browsing.

Supreme Court Pushes Same Sex Marriage

Most of you who truly know me understand that I really don’t care who you love or what goes on in your bedroom. Folks is just Folks.
I have even gone so far as to post a rather lengthy rant about the inequalities of the marriage laws that abound in the different towns and states.
I have seen all day long how many people are rejoicing about the Supreme Court once again overstepping their boundaries and forcing same sex marriage to be accepted by a large group that are opposed to it.
My view is simple: Everyone should have the right to be who they are and be with who they want to be with. Marriage long ago became more about legal benefits and less about religion. Therefore, as I have stated on numerous occasions, EVERYONE should be entitled to the SAME benefits.
But I say this: No branch of the government has ANY RIGHT to force anyone to accept another’s point of view.
Rejoice now because THIS decision gives you what you want; but be wary of the power you are giving them.

Some of you will read this and only see it as an attack. If that is the limit of your intelligence, well, it’s not my fault that you are basically stupid and full of hate.

Love to you all!

Illegal is Illegal

Getting a little tired of this. Are people really that stupid or are they hoping the rest of us are?
Every time someone is against ILLEGAL immigration somebody else tries to confuse the issue by either ignoring the “illegal” part, or by bringing up the so called “natives”.
This is now a sovereign nation with specific borders and laws (even though they aren’t enforced). If you violate the borders covertly of a nation – especially in a time of war – the penalty is death, not free handouts at the expense of the law abiding populous.
As for the history of Europeans settling this country (I refute the term “white man” – they weren’t all white), yes the English AND Spanish were on an expansion drive and thought they owned the world (the pope even told them so!) and they acted accordingly.
The tribes that were here before the European influx never claimed to own the land – in fact they thought the whole idea of “owning” land was ridiculous! If anything they figured that the ownership went the other way!
Yes, atrocities were committed in the past – BY EVERYONE!
So please just stop trying to insult my intelligence, or show how uninformed you really are. Being stupid is just not as attractive as you may think.
And FYI, I am as proud of my Iroquois heritage as I am of my Scottish and Swedish ones.
As for the term “Native American”; the European side of my family has been here for over 400 years (this time). How “native” do you want me to be?

Same Sex Marriage

The way I look at it, what is currently being fought over is not being told who you are allowed to love, but whether or not the government is going to give you a tax break. Whether the insurance companies are going to play fairly with all of YOUR money that YOU have been paying. Whether the medical profession is going to allow you to have your loved ones with you when you need them.
Marriage in this country stopped being about religion a long time ago. It is the government that regulates “marriage” with licenses, common property laws, tax breaks, fines, and court costs. Let’s not forget the big industry that divorce has become.
I am blessed with a very large family – some that are related by blood, some that I chose to include in my “extended” family – many of who do not share my beliefs. I ask each and every one of you to truthfully consider this: if you were in a car accident, would you want your best friend to not be allowed to visit you? Take sexual preferences out of the equation. How many of you have a best friend – of the same sex or opposite – that you consider to be the closest person to you?
Marriage is of the state – Love is of the heart. I’m a heterosexual Christian and I am for equal rights from the states (not to be mistaken for special privileges for ANY).

Tech Support . . .

Having done tech support I understand the need for a script, but sometimes its just ridiculous! This is a paraphrase of a conversation I JUST HAD!

Thank you for calling Ultimate tech support
My name is Dreah How may I assist you?

Hello Dreah, My name is David Farris.
How are you today?

Ok sir, I understand that you are asking how I am today, is that correct?

Uh, yeah

Ok sir, May I please get your email address?


ok sir I am pulling up your account. Can you please verify the name on the account?

David Farris

Thank you very much for that sir.
Now your question was how am I doing today, is that correct?

yeah but …

I am doing very well, thank you. Is there anything else I can do for you today?

That’s not what I called for . . .

Ok sir, would you mind taking a short survey at the end of our call? . . .

NC Bans Same Sex Marriage

Today we learn that North Carolina has banned same sex marriage. While I can sort of understand their position (understand, not agree with) I can’t help but notice that they went a little too far. The way it is worded it will affect many more than just who it is supposed to target. Of course they once also banned marriage between different races . . .
Marriage should be a heart felt and solemn promise between two people. But in reality it has become a government sanctioned contract which offers concessions to the participants. It no longer is a monopoly of the “church” and in fact for many it has nothing to do with religion at all! Sad to say a wedding is one of the few times many people ever find themselves in a church!
Understand that I am a Christian and a confirmed heterosexual but I’m intelligent enough to not look at the world in black and white. Reality is bathed in infinite shades of grey.
Two (or more) RESPONSIBLE adults should be free to choose who they want in their lives, to live with, help them make decisions or to make decisions for them when they are no longer able; to be their beneficiary, or their life partner.
The early Christian church taught followers to love one another. Sex is not Love, even though true love does lead to sharing yourself completely with your partner.
People are people and sex has nothing to do with religion. If you prefer opposite sex partners or the same, or even inanimate objects; on the top, on the bottom, or standing up; in the bedroom, on the kitchen table, in an elevator or in the middle of the golf course; these are your choices! It’s private! These preferences should not be my concern or any of my business! Don’t shove it down my throat and I won’t shove my preferences down yours! Gay Pride parades make as much sense to me as Latex Pride, Buggery Pride, or even Beastiality Pride! But ANY government telling anyone who they can love, well that’s just silly!