Welcome to my Movie Database!

Like most people my age I started collecting movies when VHS was the most popular media format available. As these formats have progressed, I have been challenged with not only staying current with new titles, but to also replace old favorites with the higher quality DVD and Blu-Ray.

I have been steadily replacing my VHS titles (thanks in no small part to the $5 bin at Wal-Mart), but my collections had become so cumbersome and convoluted that I often ended up purchasing the same titles over and over. I needed a way to keep track of my movie collection(s) that was detailed enough to let me make informed purchase decisions (new or replacement), while at the same time was easy to access from almost anywhere.

I finally ended up with a rather extensive spreadsheet (I love spreadsheets!) that could keep track of almost everything I needed. But I wanted more!

Having a bit of experience with web-based programming and databases, I decided to create a personal site that would let me track everything. IMDb was where I was getting most of the details of my collection from so I decided to model my site after theirs. Here is the result.

While not everything is fully functional at the moment, it serves most of my purposes. I do plan on making everything on this site working correctly soon, but finding the time is the real challenge. In the near future I plan to expand this site to include also my library of Books and my Music collection.

I hope you enjoy! »

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